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Visual Storytelling Success System Short Course

Julie speaks with authority as she takes you on a step by step journey through sequential art and the business and craft of making comics. There is a solid amount of info packed into each session and the takeaway work is designed not only to cement learning but to be adopted and used as a permanent part of a comics writers’ toolkit. I learned a lot in this course and received great (honest) feedback. But more than this, I discovered some of what I don’t know, equipping me with what I need to fill in these gaps and practically move my comics career forward.
Luke Reid – Writer
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“The Visual Storytelling Success System has helped me with creating my dream project. Even though there are many How To books in the world, Julie’s feedback has given me great insight into how to make my graphic novel a reality. Even when I thought I had all the bases covered, Julie made me open my eyes to what I was missing, if I had gone ahead and published my work there would have been a lot of plot holes in the story that I would have to explain. I know now what I must do. Thank you, Julie, for all of your help.”
Andrew Noble – Aspiring writer/artist

“The seven modules of this Visual Storytelling Success System course are exactly what any aspiring comic book artist could want in a solid, information filled overview of what it means to be a comic book creator. It will either convince the viewer they are not cut out for the industry or will inspire them to go on to bigger and better things. I am convinced that most participants will go on to bigger and better as Julie breaks the industry into bite sized chunks jam packed with information. From gutters to colours, business to story scripts, Julie covers it all. For anyone truly interested in creating comic books and other sequential art forms, this course is an investment in their future.”
Cecilia Clark – Writer and Artist

The Comics Mastermind course Visual Storytelling Success System: How to Write Comic Books and Graphic Novels is a practical and in-depth examination of the art and craft of creating for the graphic story world. Using her extensive knowledge and insights on both the written and visual aspects, Julie Ditrich provides tools, techniques and insider know-how. With useful hands-on coursework (and optional feedback), by the end of the course I am now better equipped and confident to take my writing and illustrating ideas in a new direction.  An extremely professional course in both content and delivery—a revelation and highly recommended!
Yvonne Low – Children’s writer and illustrator

While working on a couple of graphic novels (of different lengths and complexities) I completed the Comics Mastermind Visual Storytelling Success System course via webinar. I entered into the course not knowing what to expect, hoping I would get enough information to improve what I had already created. What I came out with enabled me to reassess my story in all aspects of storytelling in both verbal and visual elements. Seeing my story with fresh eyes and knowledge encouraged me to make edits I probably would have not realised or possibly been too scared to make (ie. deleting two full pages of unnecessary content). Julie Ditrich is an excellent communicator. Her knowledge of the comics industry comes from many years of working in the industry. I highly recommend Comics Mastermind to anyone starting out in the comics industry, or even to those needing to go that bit extra.
Steve Warburton – Visual Artist

The Mechanics of Visual Storytelling Short Course

The Mechanics of Visual Storytelling is a short course with a huge amount packed into it. Jason Franks guides participants from the basics through to the really important elements of how to structure and what to consider when creating comics. More importantly, he teaches how to practically implement these in your work. Jason uses real world examples from commercial assignments, which provides excellent context and a real challenge.”
Luke Reid – Writer
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Comics Script & Sequential Art Assessments

Marcelo Baez HeadshotA clear and concise in-depth analysis of the first draft of my graphic novel project. Excellent pointers on deeper character development, as well as an easy to understand breakdown of how I can improve all aspects my story structure. Worth the investment!
Marcelo Baez – Comics artist


Masterclass Program

I attended one of the Comics Mastermind masterclasses in Melbourne, as well as one of the online workshops a few year ago. Now I’m about to release my first graphic novel for children, SHERLOCK BONES AND THE NATURAL HISTORY MYSTERY, which will be published by Allen & Unwin in April 2019. Although I write and illustrate picture books, creating a graphic novel was a completely different beast, and the insight and knowledge I gained from Comics Mastermind was an important part of my journey.”
Renee Treml – Author, Illustrator and Graphic Novelist

“Breaking into European Comics was a very entertaining and inspiring masterclass. Thomas Campi was passionate about comics and very generous in sharing his knowledge of the European comic industry. What a privilege to learn so much in such a short time. I wasted no time following up some of the artists he suggested.”
Rocco Russo – Graphics Artist (35 years experience in television) and Comic Book Artist

“For anyone with a desire to write comic books or even an inkling of perhaps wanting to get into this artistic form of storytelling; The Mechanics of Visual Storytelling: Mastering the Comic Book and Graphic Novel Script taster is perfect. In a very clear and concise fashion Jason Franks gives an excellent overview of the art and the industry. Interesting, well presented and just enough of a teaser to whet the appetite for more so I signed up for the next steps the moment the last slide ended.”

Cecilia Clark – Writer and Artist

nick1With over 25 years in the industry, I still learnt so much from Chris Sequeira’s talk—Transforming Old Classics into New Success Stories. In-depth, proactive information passed down from someone who really knows the industry. Julie Ditrich brings together highly motivated speakers in all of her Comics Mastermind masterclasses. Very inspirational. Highly recommended.
Nick Nicolaou – Writer, Director, Special Make-up Effects Artist

This morning [after the Unblock Your Creative Block masterclass]as I was waking up I started thinking about Killeroo and his strengths and weaknesses as a character, and by asking questions I found the answers coming to me thick and fast – and I jotted them down! I was pretty happy with the result.”
Darren Close – Comic book writer and artist

“Breaking down the art she created not once but twice for the same graphic novel Troll Bridge, in the Comic Stripped Bare Series Colleen Doran gives an inspiring insight into the growth of herself as an artist in the comic book world. She speaks eloquently about her journey and discusses many techniques and applications in bringing the older version of her graphic art into a much more professional and sophisticated level in line with her growth in skill and depth of understanding of how art works. Colleen breaks the steps into relevant components with clear and interesting explanations and leaves her viewers with a valuable understanding of the demands of being a comic book artist.”
Cecilia Clark – Writer and Artist

The Comics Mastermind masterclasses are an excellent opportunity to learn from some of the best creative talent in Australia at an affordable price. Chris Sequeira’s ‘Transforming Old Classics into New Success Stories‘ left me with a notebook full of ideas and a heart full of inspiration.
Anthony Calvert – Freelance artist and illustrator


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