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    Welcome evolving comics creators to the newly hatched Comics Mastermind™ website. Comics Mastermind™ is an independent Australian-based professional development service that provides assessments, masterclasses, short courses, and coaching for evolving comics creators who want to transition from hobbyists to professionals and connect powerfully with their readers.

    Comics Mastermind™ has a team of professionals backing it with decades of knowledge, wisdom and experience to ease the way for evolving comikers. The team operates from the philosophy that finding success in comics emanates from cultivating the “complete” or “whole” comics creator. We focus on offering support in the following areas: Creative Development, Entrepreneurial Development, and Self Development.

    The best way to access the latest updates on the professional development program as it gears up for 2016 and 2017 is to subscribe to The Comics Voice ezine.

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