• Transforming Old Classics Masterclass in Sydney

    Transform Old ClassicsComics Mastermind™ is delighted to launch its first Sydney masterclass of 2016— “Transforming Old Classics into New Success Stories: Adapting from Other Mediums Into Comics”.

    There’s storytelling gold to be unearthed by the canny authorial prospector—it’s hidden in “Classic” literature, legend, or historical narrative, and also in that out of copyright old TV show, comic book or movie. Great stories and memorable characters can enjoy powerful revivals or re-imaginings for comics creators who know how to adapt the source material. These types of projects come with a powerful in-built marketing element – A PRE-EXISTING RECOGNITION FACTOR – that can catapult a writer’s and artist’s reputation years ahead, but only if the effort doesn’t alienate and anger pre-existing fan-bases.

    The session will be presented by writer / editor Christopher Sequeira who has written scripts for flagship superhero comic-book brands such as Justice League Adventures for DC Entertainment, as well as Iron Man and X-Men stories for Marvel Entertainment. For Dynamite Entertainment, with his friend, super-star writer, Mark Waid, he wrote a two-part tale of Justice, Inc. – The Avenger. Furthermore, Chris has an extensive track record of adapting characters from non-comics formats into sequential narrative formats. These include his work on Dark Detective: Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Nikola, and his forthcoming licensed venture of one of the greatest literary characters in adventure fiction – The Exoneration of Doctor Fu Manchu.

    This two-hour masterclass will be held in SYDNEY on Saturday 4 June 2016 at the Harold Park Hotel.

    For more information go to: http://www.comicsmastermind.com/training/masterclasses/transforming-old-classics-into-new-success-stories-sydney/

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