• More Lemon with Julie Regan

    more-lemon-book-coverCreativity Coach and Comics Mastermind™ team member, Julie Regan, has just released a new book called MORE LEMON: How to transition to a life of MORE ZEST— a practical, ‘how-to’ guide to help you to deal with change.

    Written for people wanting to successfully re-invent their lives and navigate change in a positive and enjoyable way, the book is full of exercises, self-care and power up activities to assist you to learn from the past and then let it go, create a new life based on solid values, gain clarity about your life purpose, and create a compelling and exciting vision for your future.

    “As change specialists my co-author and I both know how challenging it can be to navigate change –
    there is a lot involved – and to actively take responsibility for directing any change to a positive
    outcome,” says Julie.

    Interested in how do you navigate change on your own terms then find out more about MORE
    LEMON; How to transition to a life of more ZEST at: www.morelemon.com.au

    You can also order it here in both print and Kindle versions from Amazon.


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