• Comics Mastermind Launches 2017 Masterclass and Short Course Program Winter Season

    Comics Mastermind™ is delighted to roll out its Winter season in its 2017 Masterclass and Short Course Program. There are two options available for aspiring, emerging and developing comics creators, as well as authors and illustrators who want to cross mediums and learn more about writing comic books, graphic novels and comic strips.

    BREAKING INTO EUROPEAN COMICS: How to Find Professional Work on the Continent with presenter Thomas Campi on Saturday 26 August 2017.
    European comic art is known as the “ninth art” with 100+ years of tradition. There are many different styles and techniques, and comics publishing keeps changing as it touches upon multiples fields of visual arts. European comics are so celebrated that the Louvre recently gave space for a retrospective on the history of modern comic art, graphic novels and bande dessinée. This masterclass will provide Australian comics creators with knowledge about the European publishing scene, as well as how to create opportunities to find professional work.

    More information: http://www.comicsmastermind.com/training/masterclasses/breaking-into-european-comics-how-to-find-professional-work-on-the-continent/

    Comics Mastermind™ will also host a FREE online BREAKOUT SESSION with founder and CEO Julie Ditrich on Wednesday 28 June 2017. A breakout session helps aspiring and emerging comics creators discover ways they can utilise the Comics Mastermind™ professional development services to help them move towards achieving their publishing ambitions and goals.

    For more information: http://www.comicsmastermind.com/about/breakout-sessions/

    Both options will be presented via webinar.

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