• MEDIA RELEASE: Colleen Doran Stripping Troll Bridge Bare in Online Comics Masterclass


    2 October 2017

    New York Times bestselling artist and graphic novelist Colleen Doran will be revealing the creative decision-making process behind her graphic novel adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s short story Troll Bridge in an online masterclass in late October. The illustrations from Troll Bridge were so beautiful they were selected for the Spectrum annual collection, featuring the best science fiction and fantasy art of the year.

    Hosted by Comics Mastermind™, an Australian professional development service for comics creators, Colleen will break the story down panel by panel. She will not only focus on HOW she adapted the story from its source material, but also on WHAT has been written and illustrated in each panel and WHY, paying special attention to scripting, art style, colour palette, layouts and panel points of view, dynamic, emotional resonance and more.

    Colleen is best known for her recent stint as artist on Stan Lee’s autobiography Amazing, Fantastic, Incredible Stan Lee. She has also worked with Alan Moore and Warren Ellis, and has hundreds of credits to her name. Her clients include Lucasfilm, Random House, Scholastic, Houghton Mifflin, Simon and Schuster, and Disney. She has illustrated Amazing Spider-Man, The Teen Titans, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Superman, and Sandman. She is also the sole creator of her definitive graphic novel series A Distant Soil for Image Comics.

    Colleen says about her role as webinar presenter: “I’ll be going over every detail of how I worked through this graphic novel, going all the way back to when Neil Gaiman faxed me the original short story when he wrote it (we had no email in those days of yore!) to the adaptation I drew as a short story back in A Distant Soil 25, way back in 1997.

    “I completely rethought the whole work—it’s a deceptively simple story. It has many layers, and if I adapted it correctly, you will feel quite a gut punch when the tale is told.

    In visual storytelling terms, it’s also about mood over moment, letting time flow visually, instead of segmenting it into discrete events.”

    Julie Ditrich, Founder and CEO of Comics Mastermind, adds: “Colleen visited Australia in 2011 to conduct a weekend masterclass for the Australian Society of Authors. Over 150 people attended including two from overseas. She was hilarious, articulate, and insightful, and made a HUGE impact on a bunch of Australian comics creators hungry for inspiration. I have no doubt she will do the same at her online masterclass in a few weeks time.”

    The webinar is open for Australian and overseas comics creators, and will be held on Saturday 21 October 2017 from 10:00am to 12:00pm (AEST – ie. Sydney, Australia time). There are only 100 places and many spots have already been booked!

    For more information and to register go to: http://www.comicsmastermind.com/training/comics-stripped-bare-series/comics-stripped-bare-series-with-colleen-doran/

    Media Contact:

    Julie Ditrich, Founder & CEO
    Phone: +61 412 445 511 or +61 2 9606 4728
    Email: media@comicsmastermind.com

    The “Comics Stripped Bare™” series is a Comics Mastermind™ creative initiative that works on the presumption that in order to truly understand something you need to pull it apart.

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