Creativity Coaching

What is Creativity Coaching?

Creativity coaching is similar to business, sports or life coaching except that a creativity coach works with you collaboratively to focus on your creative practice, and helps you develop and enhance your creative expression and artistic practice.

Creativity coaching is a CONFIDENTIAL one-to-one service.

Who Are You?

  • A comics creator who is feeling stuck and can’t move through your creative block
  • A comics creator who starts, but doesn’t finish projects
  • A comics creator who is self-sabotaging
  • A comics creator who has a fear of failure or success or another similar anxiety or fear that is stalling your progress
  • A comics creator who needs an accountability partner to help set a foundation for consistent effort and output
  • A comics creator who needs to learn how to self manage time and output better.

How Can Creativity Coaching Help You?

Creativity coaching can help you:

  • Establish or clarify a creative vision and putting it into practice
  • Assist you in setting goals to achieve this vision and determine how best to monitor progress
  • Help to identify creative blocks and uncover barriers to realising projects
  • Uncover the fears and anxieties that stand in your way, as well as developing strategies for managing this part of the creative process, and
  • Encourage you to create and fulfil your potential in comics, and to truly tap into your passion and imagination.

Who is Your Creativity Coach?

Julie Regan HeadshotJulie Regan is a professional and personal coach, working with people to explore their creativity, and develop their artistic practice. With an extensive knowledge of the creative process she works with practitioners to clarify their artistic and professional goals, coaches them through creative blocks, and supportively challenges them to bring their ideas to life.

CLICK HERE to read Julie’s full bio.

How Does Your Creativity Coach Work With You?

  • Flexible sessions – individual sessions or blocks
  • Can pace your sessions according to your needs – once a week, once a month or other preference
  • On site or Skype meetings with you by appointment.

What Are the Fees?

OPTION 1: Individual Coaching Sessions
Book in one session at a time. Sessions are one hour.

Fee: $150 per session

OPTION 2: Four Session Coaching Block
Book in a block of four sessions, and then renew with either additional individual sessions or another block of four sessions.

Fee: $550 for a block of four sessions (SAVE $50 over four sessions off the Option 1 per session rate)

Individual Sessions thereafter: $140 per session (SAVE $10 off the Option 1 per session rate)

Comics Mastermind™ recommends Option 2 to set down the foundations, establish goals and to achieve momentum.

All fees must be paid upfront.

Further Information and Bookings

Phone: (02) 9606 4728 or 0412 445 511


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The above fees apply as of January 2021. Fees are subject to change.
** All prices are in Australian (AUD) dollars.

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