Comics Script & Sequential Art Assessment

Assessments ButtonWhat is an Assessment?

A comics script and sequential art assessment is a CONFIDENTIAL report that deconstructs your comics work, and identifies strengths and opportunities for improvement. The assessment sets the foundation for:

  • Redrafting and / or recalibrating the panel layout artwork,
  • Preparing your publishing proposal prior to submission, and
  • Editing your comics work for publishing readiness.

Who Are You?

  • An aspiring comics creator (ie. somebody who is interested in making comics yours career, but who has not been published or self-published)
  • An emerging comics creator (ie. somebody with one or two published or self-published comics works)
  • A developing comics creator (ie. somebody with three or four published or self-published comics works)
  • An established comics creator (ie. somebody with five or more published or self-published works) who is searching for a confidential independent third party analysis of a work-in-progress
  • mainstream or comics publisher who needs a comic book or graphic novel script and art assessment
  • children’s book writer or illustrator who has written a comic book or graphic novel script and is transitioning from literary culture to pop culture
  • A TV or film writer, storyboard artist or animator who has written a comic book or graphic novel and is transitioning to the comics medium.

What Categories of Comics Works Can Be Assessed?

If you are developing a comics work, we recommend sending in the draft in either outline stage or script with thumbnails stage. It is easier for you to make corrections or amendments in the early stages of the production process rather than when you have committed to full inked or coloured art that is ready to go to press.

You can have the following comics formats assessed:

  • Comic books (US or European style short stories, one-shots, comic book series or mini-series)
  • Graphic novels (US or European style original works or adaptations from other literary sources)
  • Comic / cartoon strips (strip comics with two or more panels usually in the humour genre, developed for print or the web).

Currently, Comics Mastermind™ does not assess Manga, zines or webcomics. If you are interested in having those works assessed, please email us at and we find an appropriate assessor for your work.

What is the Turn-Around Time?

The turn-around times for submissions from the day we receive your material is:

  • Comic / cartoon strips  – four weeks
  • Comic book / graphic novels – six weeks.

Comics Mastermind™ assessors will endeavour to honour these deadlines unless prevented by circumstances beyond their control.

Who Are We?

Comics Mastermind™ assessors are Australian professionals who have been widely published both nationally and internationally, and who have extensive teaching and editing experience. The assessors are specialists in specific genres, formats and styles so the appropriate assessor will be matched to your submission. All script assessors sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure they do not disclose any information about your assessment except for internal training purposes or to the Comics Mastermind™ administrators who process the assessment.

To read the assessors’ biographies, please visit The Team page.

What Are the Fees?

  • Outlines (comic book short stories, one-shots, series, mini-series, serials, and graphic novels) – $247 for up to 2000 words and then $50 for every 1000 words thereafter)
  • Script with thumbnails (comic book short stories, one-shots, series, mini-series, serials, and graphic novels) – $247 for up to eight pages and then $20 a page thereafter
  • Script with detailed page layouts plus three to six inked or coloured sequential pages from one scene with or without lettering (comic book short stories, one-shots, series, mini-series, serials, and graphic novels) – $297 for up to eight pages and then $25 per comics page thereafter
  • Comic / cartoon strips (coloured and lettered comic / cartoon strip) – $297 per package of 10 then $20 per comic strip thereafter.

All fees must be paid upfront.

How Do I Submit My Work?

Just email Comics Mastermind at with the following information:

  • EMAIL SUBJECT LINE: Comics Script / Art Assessment Required
  • Name of Work
  • Genre
  • Submission Format (ie. story outline, script with thumbnails, script with detailed page layouts, or comic / cartoon strips package)
  • No of pages / cartoon strips
  • Your name
  • Your contact details (mobile phone and email).

Your contact person will talk further with you, and provide you with information on how to submit your work.

Further Information

Phone: (02) 9606 4728 or 0412 445 511


DISCLAIMER: Comics Mastermind™ does not:

  • Publish your work
  • Find you a publisher
  • Find you a literary agent
  • Negotiate your contract
  • Create a bestseller.

The above fees apply as of January 2020. Fees are subject to change.
** All prices are in Australian (AUD) dollars.

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