Back from the Future: When Tomorrow Becomes Today in Realising Your Dreams

Imagine winning a Ledger or an Eisner Award. How would you look? How would you feel? What would you do? What would you say?

Now let’s put forward a proposition… if you are intent on creating a professional future in comics why not project into tomorrow and craft your acceptance speech for the inevitable award you will receive. Does that seem arrogant or overly optimistic? Perhaps, but it depends on what perspective you take.

You see the subconscious mind cannot distinguish an imagined scenario to that of a real one, so if you act as if your future is happening today and flood it with the feelings and imagery and the experience of winning an award (or indeed any other scenario) then you invoke a natural law called the Law of Subconscious Teleology.

In his 1920 book Suggestion and Autosuggestion, Charles Baudouin discusses the Law of Subconscious Teleology and states: “When the end has been suggested the subconscious finds a means for its realisation”.

In other words, the subconscious mind engages in aspirational-directed behaviour to realise the goal. This happens physiologically and biochemically insofar as the person’s subconscious mind will select the most efficient and appropriate means to attain that end.

New York Times bestselling author and one of the greatest motivational coaches in the world Jack Canfield utilises this idea beautifully in a fun exercise he proposes in his book Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be. He recommends people host or attend a “Come As You Are Party”, which effectively has you project into circumstances five years (or another time frame) from now. So in 2017, you would host a party as if you were in 2022 and living as your 2022 self. In this world, you will have already achieved your dreams in accordance with your personal success criteria, which differ from person to person. If your dream is to be published by DC or Marvel then you would bring a copy of your comic book or graphic novel with the studio branding on it to the party because you are operating from the viewpoint that it has already been published, which is, in fact, in your past and not your future. You could also bring a copy of the “Top 10 2022 Best Selling Comics and Graphic Novels List”, which includes your title.

So why not start living in 2022 today? If indeed one of your success criteria is to win a major comics award then here are 5 tips:

  1. Develop the structure of your acceptance speech– Organise your thoughts, drop in an anecdote, express the sincere honour you feel and its personal meaning to you, and know whom you will acknowledge. Evoke your emotions and commit to remaining true to your authentic self in a powerful sign off. Stay on objective. This is an acceptance speech, which will express gratitude and is also a point of pride for you, so avoid meandering onto other topics.
  2. Acknowledge the people who helped you on your journey – These include the granting organisation, parents, a significant teacher or mentor, publisher or editor, agent, and, of course, your partner or significant other who gains the last position in the speech because they are the most important. Add a general sentence at the end and mention that you would like to “thank everyone else who have helped you succeed”. You can thank them personally later on.
  3. Attend the award ceremony – Rehearse your acceptance speech and then get dressed in the clothes you will be wearing to the awards ceremony, get your makeup and hair style right, and assemble your friends and family. Pre-arrange a speaker to read the nominations and then the winner’s name – you! – and then have them present you with the certificate, statuette or trophy on a podium. Make your acceptance speech and then soak in the applause and congratulations at its conclusion.
  4. Produce some media coverage – After the award ceremony, write a media release about your win, produce a newspaper article, containing photos and an interview profile.
  5. Bask and glow in the honour of winning – From time to time remind yourself of these feelings of this amazing experience and take it with you to a point where present and future collide.

This is a practical application in how you can invoke The Law of Subconscious Teleology to the idea of reaching your full potential in your comics profession, and it is one example only. You can apply these principles to any other success goals you have or to the goals on your Bucket List, whether it is a trip to Paris, or owning a home, or being in a loving relationship with a wonderful partner… the list must be specific but it can be infinite.


© Julie Ditrich, 2017

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