Who We Are

Comics Mastermind™ is an Australian-based professional development service that provides script and sequential art assessments, short courses, mentoring and coaching for evolving comics creators who want to transition from hobbyists to professionals and connect powerfully with their readers.



What We Do

Working from the belief that making comics your career and achieving publishing success emanates from cultivating the “complete” or “whole” comics creator, Comics Mastermind™ focuses on offering support to evolving comics creators in the following areas:

  1. Creative mastery
  2. Entrepreneurial mastery
  3. Self mastery.

Our Objectives

Comics Mastermind™ has three big picture goals:

  1. To support comics creators in realising their creative, business, and inner potential
  2. To facilitate in creating an Australian comics economy where comics creators’ published works, expertise and experience are valued both critically and commercially, and
  3. To advance the shift of the Australian comics community into a thriving internationally recognised and commercially viable industry.
Comics Mastermind™ was founded in 2016.
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